Welcome to my world of art, where I weave together colors, emotions, and experiences to create vibrant, thought-provoking pieces.


As an artist on the autism spectrum, I've always seen the world through a different lens. Growing up, I struggled to communicate my thoughts and feelings, and felt like I didn't quite fit in. But through art, I've found a way to express myself in a way that's authentic and empowering.


I started painting as a way to process my emotions and connect with others. After years of working in technical fields, I rediscovered my passion for art and began studying color theory, composition, and art theory. My journey was marked by trial and error, as I experimented with different styles and techniques until I found my unique voice.


Today, I'm proud to be a full-time artist, using my art to spread joy, hope, and empowerment. I'm also honored to share my skills and experience with others through online courses and community-building initiatives.

Join me on this journey of creative expression and self-discovery.


With love and gratitude,



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